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Baconton Community Charter School

260 East Walton Street     Baconton, Georgia  31716

 (229) 787-9999
Established 2000

Lynn Pinson, School Administrator

"Blazing The Trail To Excellence In Education"​

Hours are due by 6:00pm - Monday, December 3rd & Monday, May 6th.

​​Volunteer Program

You can:


 1. Work the concession stand at ballgames. 

 2. Bring supplies for the concession stand such as: water, Gatorade, napkins, toilet tissue, soap.

 3. Work the ticket booth at ballgames and other events.

 4. Pick up trash / clean up after ballgames and other events.

 5. Do lawncare, weed eating, and spraying for weeds.

 6. Bring supplies for our Lunchroom: coffee creamer, tea bags, sugar, 12oz cups, plates, forks, and spoons.

 Contact Lynn Scott at 294-0946 for more information.

 Start saving 'Harvey' register tapes for free school provisions (computer, printer, etc).

Volunteers or parents who wish to attend student functions such as field trips need to get a mandatory background check using the following link:

Volunteer Background Checks