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Baconton Community Charter School

260 East Walton Street     Baconton, Georgia  31716

 (229) 787-9999
Established 2000

"Blazing The Trail To Excellence In Education"​

Hours are due by 6:00pm - Monday, December 4th & Monday, May 7th.

​​Volunteer Program

You can:


 1. Work the concession stand at ballgames. 

 2. Bring supplies for the concession stand such as: water, Gatorade, napkins, toilet tissue, soap.

 3. Work the ticket booth at ballgames and other events.

 4. Pick up trash / clean up after ballgames and other events.

 5. Do lawncare, weed eating, and spraying for weeds.

 6. Bring supplies for our Lunchroom: coffee creamer, tea bags, sugar, 12oz cups, plates, forks, and spoons.

 Contact Lynn Scott at 294-0946 for more information.

 Start saving 'Harvey' register tapes for free school provisions (computer, printer, etc).